Sunday, February 12, 2017

Here we go again.

Wow, been a while since I posted.  On the surface it seems not much has changed, still facing the challenges I had 5 months ago.    I'm 1.4lbs heavier than then, but the same waist measurement (187lbs and 35").  The holidays were a train wreck and there was a good bit of travel for work which were not helpful, but here we are.  I believe you only fail when you stop getting up again.

Let's see, have made good progress by eliminating some personal bad habits, sticking with keto eating, periodic fasting (22.5 hours in right now) and have completed my first 31 days of yoga in a row after like 6 failed attempts.  Currently on day 33!

So making small changes every few weeks seems to help.  Daily walking has been a long time habit and I feel like daily yoga and 3 day a week fasting are pretty much dialed in now as well.  Last week I added 3 days of Les Mills Combat 30 and 3 days of /r/bodyweightfitness's recommended routine.  I'm looking forward to the weather getting better and will then add 3 days of barefoot running and 3 of greenway cycling.  This should take my exercise time to around 2 hours a day.

So here's to an arbitrary restart, of the blogging anyway - it's good to see you again Dear Reader.

Monday, September 19, 2016

48 hours in, lost 5.4lbs to 185.6.  Waist is 35".  Today has been fine, couple of sessions of being cold and a little tired, kept it at bay with coffee and tea.  Not particularly hungry.  Fast continues.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Extended Fast

191lbs, 35.5" waist.  Bloated from birthday party yesterday, today is day 1 of this fast.  Acetone is 74.

Today's been fine, lots of water/coffee/La Croix.  Rebooted 30 days of yoga and completed day 1 of that.  Walked the dog twice today.  Not particularly hungry but am getting tired, probably go clean up and then read a bit before bed.

Thanks for sticking with me here Dear Reader, keep me honest.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Failure doesn't happen when you fall down. Failure happens when you stop getting back up.

Hello Dear Reader,
Outside life got the best of me over the last two days.  Well that's probably not the responsible way to put it - I gave into outside life temptations.  But I'm back today, a Thursday, and I'm ready to rock.

I've gotten up, let's do this.

Monday, September 12, 2016

9 weeks left until my deadline.  I've decided I must log everyday to stay on track.

35", 187 lbs, Acetone 67
Taking a page out of Tiny Habits, I'm adding a shortenedpushup/pullup/squat workout to each day based on startbodyweight progressions, also kicking off another 30 day yoga challenge and a 30 day meditation challenge.

Started water fast at 8pm yesterday, right about 24 hours in now.  Ran 1.6 miles today and walked 3.1

Saturday, September 3, 2016

22 years

I met my wife 22 years ago today.  Seems like a good day to get this train back on track.

35", 188.8 lbs
Taking a page out of Tiny Habits, I'm adding a shortened pushup/pullup/squat workout to each day based on startbodyweight progressions, also kicking off another 30 day yoga challenge and a 30 day meditation challenge.

Game on.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Seven day Island experiment

Okay, last week was a practice run and I fleshed out some better ideas for handling a few things, there's more to nail down though.  I'm impatient however so I'm going to jump into a week of this and see how it goes.  Some of questions I'm toying with:

How do we exercise on the island?
How do we sleep and when?
How do we entertain ourselves (avoid boredom)?
Am I taking this too far?

Anyway, this morning I rolled a 1, so I get three island meals today.  Weighed in at 186.2 and 35", going be be interesting to see how the body reacts to this.  I would expect good results, we're basically going low cook paleo/keto with intermittent fasting.  Probably won't up and die anyway.